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At SEO My Company, we specialize in delivering digital marketing services tailored to startups, companies, and brands across various industries. Drawing on over 15 years of combined engineering and digital marketing experience, we have honed our expertise in helping businesses establish a powerful online presence and drive sustainable growth.

Partnering with SEO My Company means gaining access to a reliable and results-driven digital marketing partner that is dedicated to helping your business thrive in the competitive online landscape.


Press Release

Our Press Release Distribution service offers comprehensive solutions to create and distribute compelling press releases that capture the attention of journalists and readers alike. We provide distribution services that enable your press release to reach a wide range of media outlets and industry influencers.

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Website Optimization with GTmetrix

Our Website Structure and Performance Optimization service provides tailored solutions that cater to your specific needs, optimizing various aspects of your website, including its structure, performance, core vitals, and on-page SEO.

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Company Knowledge Panel

Our service for creating a Company Google Knowledge Panel enables businesses to provide quick access to key information about their brand in search results. This panel enhances your online presence and helps potential customers learn more about your business in a user-friendly format.

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Google My Business Knowledge Panel (GMB Panel)

Our Google My Business Panel service helps businesses improve their online presence and visibility by creating a user-friendly format that showcases key information about their brand, such as address, contact information, hours of operation, and reviews, on Google Search and Google Maps.

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We manually list your business in the most important startup directories

More than 150 directories on our ever-growing list!


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Submissions to 40+ directories. Great for newly launched websites that are just testing the waters of link-building.

Manual submissions to 40+ startup directories. (View full list)

Backlink Indexing Included

20+ quality backlinks guaranteed

Saves 50+ hours of your valuable time and technical stress

Submission to our category-specific directories

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Paid Once

Submissions to 80+ directories. Great for websites that already have some backlinks and need some extra growth.

Manual submissions to 40+ startup directories. (View full list)

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40+ quality backlinks guaranteed

Saves 100+ hours of your valuable time and technical stress

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Michael Peres has a very intimate understanding of digital marketing …. If you are looking for someone to do your digital marketing, Michael is certainly someone you should look at
Spencer Kobren, Founder of The American Hair Loss Association
Spencer Kobren
Founder of the American Hair Loss Association
Michael was a really sharp individual and seemed to really know his stuff
Joe Tillman, Founder of Hair Transplant Mentor
Joe tilman
Founder of Hair Transplant Mentor
Mikey and his team always make sure to use the up-most professionalism when dealing with me as a client, and always go above and beyond to make sure I'm satisfied.
Brandon B White Founder of PPMA LLC
Brandon B White
Founder of PPMA, LLC

Why SEO My Company?

Improve your brand's visibility

We spread your business across multiple relevant startup directories, increasing your online exposure and brand awareness within your target audience.

Increase your startup's traffic & leads

By placing your brand where your ideal customers are, you’ll get more quality traffic and leads to your website, increasing your conversions.

Take your Off-Page SEO to the next level

By listing your business in directories, you will also get quality backlinks to your website, increasing your Domain Authority and SEO.

Key Features

Knowledge Graph Indexing

Search results are important and having Google's Knowledge Graph to be understand your company and taking your online footprint to a whole new level!

Authoritative Backlinks

The high-authority links we create for your website help you build a strong backlink profile and increase your keyword competitiveness.

Optimized Web Experience

A crucial yet often overlooked step to a strong online presence is your website. We optimize your website for incredible speed and indexing so Google clearly understands what your company is and what it does.

A Company with A Face

At SEO My Company, we’re all about providing the personal attention needed to see your company thrive. Unlike other companies that try to streamline their services by keeping their clients at a distance, we offer high-level close communication.


Michael Peres, Founder of SEO My Company

Michael Peres, founder of SEO My Company, is an SEO and knowledge graph optimization expert. With a background in software engineering and a degree in computer science, he crafts tailored strategies to help clients enhance their online presence.

Based in Seattle, Michael's technical expertise, educational background, and passion for entrepreneurship make him a trusted source in the SEO industry.

Google Knowledge Panels




Company panel

Company panel

Scale My Publication, Knowledge Panel example

Knowledge Base

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do! In fact, we specialize in press releases and have a separate division for press releases, called Hexa Pr Wire ( Some of our syndicators include Business Insider, Bloomberg, NASDAQ, and Yahoo.

SEO My Company helps companies, brands, and startups establish on online footprint. Our services focus on doing on-page SEO (adjusting websites to help Google better understand entities), quality link-building, blog posts, press release distributions, and knowledge graph indexing (knowledge panels).

Yes, we do! SEO My Company specializes in companies, startups, and brands. However, our sister company SEO For Public Figures does exactly that. 

See more here

Yes, our service certainly does! Getting your site mentioned on trusted and reputable sources help increase those metrics. Though, we are careful what we promise, so if this is a focus of yours please do let us know and we will work out a roadmap with you.

Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score that gives a measure of how successful a site is when it comes to search engine results. It was created by software development company Moz, and gives an overview of likely search engine performance.

It gives sites a score ranked between 1 and 100, with the higher end of the scale representing a better outcome. Finding out your score helps you with building your brand and creating a website that you know clients and customers will want to engage with. It will also help you see the areas that may need a little more improvement.

Your Domain Authority score is not a metric used by Google by serves as a valuable indicator

Domain Ranking (DR)

Domain Rating (DR) is a ranking metric developed by Ahrefs which shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile on a scale of 1 to 100. Domain Authority (DA), on the other hand, is a metric developed by Moz that is a predictor of how well websites will rank on search engines.

Just to be clear, Domain Rating has no direct effect on a page’s ranking on Google. High DR websites tend to rank highly on SERPs only because they also score well on Google’s ranking algorithms (it’s correlation, not causation). However, DR is still a useful measure of gauging a website’s link popularity and its ability to get traffic from Google searches.

In A Nutshell

– Domain Rating (DR) gives you an idea of the strength of a site’s backlink profile, while Domain Authority (DA) gives you an idea of which site will rank higher on SERPs.

– The main factor in measuring Ahrefs DR is backlinks. However, Moz scores DA using factors such as the linking root domains, the number and quality of incoming and outgoing links, domain age and more.

Trust Flow Trust flow is a flow metric provided by Majestic – a popular SEO  and link analysis tool. Out of 100, trust flow scores a website’s perceived trustworthiness from the quality of the backlinks. A trust flow score of 10 does not mean you have 10 backlinks or 10 trustworthy backlinks, but rather gives context to the quality of your outreach, PR and similar activities. Together the Citation Flow and Trust Flow metrics form the Majestic Flow Metrics algorithm. The specific criteria used by the algorithm to come to a trust flow score is difficult to know for sure as the tool has to draw a conclusion based on its own machine logic.

No, we don’t! And no one should as this is not in our control. Though we are confident with a strong track record in delivering stable results, Googles algorithm changes fast and following their rules, guidelines and maintaining a strong online presence can help give your panel a reliable presence. 

A: It can decouple from your name search. This means the panel exists but it may not show on the company name search. This can be based on a number of factors including Google’s algorithm, your location, your device, and time.

It’s important you adjust your online presence to give Google confidence that the panel is what people want to see when they make a specific search.

Reach out to us with a specific case and we will work on resolving this issue. 

This is not something you don’t have control over. Google fetches this from websites and the source can change based on time, location and device. Google does tend to favor locations like LinkedIn, CrunchBase and your website, and it is important you keep your information online clear, relevant and up to date.

No, and no one can. Though we have a great track record on positive outcomes, it’s important we only promise you what is in our control. Google’s algorithm updates can be aggressive and if you want to see stability over time, it’s important you maintain a strong and consistent online presence. Panels who’s information is corroborated with trusted external sources with experience the greatest degree of stability and will blossom nicely over time.